Management & Directors

Mr. Ronald Renne BA (Hons)
Chairman & CEO

Ronald Renne was appointed to the board in November 2017 and has over 10 years of experience in the banking sector and managing information technology resources. Mr. Renne has strong African and European ties that have contributed to his excellent understanding of business, culture and language in West Africa – his skill set brings a significant asset to the company. He has worked at HFC bank in London and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr. Renne graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000, with a BA Hons. He is also qualified in all aspects of retail banking, which allowed him to practice banking services in the United Kingdom.  Mr Renne has also held the position of Chairman of the Board at Blox, Inc. since February 2014.

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Mr. Tony Pickett
Non-Executive Director

Mr Anthony (Tony) Pickett was born in the UK in February 1948. He spent his early life in Kenya, and in 1974, settled in New Zealand. In 1979 he was admitted to the New Zealand Institute of Management .Tony moved to Australia in 1988. Since then, he has been involved with the mining industry as a consultant, supporting an ERP system for mining clients, and in 1998 joined Waratah Investments Ltd as Chief Operating Officer, and is now an Officer or Director of Waratah’s many subsidiaries.

Tony joined the board of Armadillo Resources Ltd as a non-executive Director from 2011 to 2013, and then joined the board of Mediterranean Resources Ltd as a non-executive Director from 2014 to 2015.

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge of the mining industry to the board, including project funding methods, acquisition of concessions and their associated deals, and Royalty agreements. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the Mining Acts in Ghana and Guinea.  Our company believes that Mr. Pickett’s professional background experience give him the qualifications and skills necessary to serve as a Non-director of our company.

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Mr. Simon Meadows Smith
Geologist, Ghana

Mr. Meadows Smith is a graduate of the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) Geology. Currently based in Accra, Ghana, Mr. Meadows Smith has over twelve years experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry. He was instrumental in the discovery of the Homase gold deposit (current gold resource of 500,000 oz) which is located thirty-five kilometers to the south of the Adumasa Project and fifteen kilometers to the north of the Obuasi Mine. Mr. Meadows-Smith has supervised Ashanti Sankofa’s exploration activities in Ghana since April, 2002.

Mr. Tony Lithur
Legal & Government, Ghana

Mr. Lithur has a LLB Honours degree from the University of Ghana and a Bachelor of Law degree from the Ghana School of Law. Currently based in Accra, Ghana, Mr. Lithur is a sound advocate and negotiator who has advised and assisted a variety of clients both individual and corporate, local and international on various aspects of law. He is the founder and Managing Partner of the law firm LithurBrew & Company. Mr. Lithur has been retained to manage the renewal/extensions of our mineral licenses and to liase with government officials pertaining to issues under the Minerals Act.

Mr. John Rhee
Corporate Counsel, Vancouver

Mr. Rhee is a partner with Vantage Law Corp., a securities law firm with its head office in Vancouver, British Columbia.