Ghana Facts

Ghana Map
Map of Ghana

Ashanti Sankofa Inc. has been operating in Ghana since 1996 and has several advanced gold concessions on the Ashanti Gold Belt.

Outside of South Africa, Ghana is the second largest gold producer on the African continent with production of approx. 2.5 millions ounces gold in 2007.

Major mines producing in excess of 500,000 oz per year are operated by Newmont Mining and Anglo Ashanti.

Map of Ghana
Map of Ghana
  • Republic of Ghana
  • Population: 24 million
  • Capital: Accra
  • Area: 238,533 sq km (slightly smaller than Oregon)
  • Major languages: English, African languages: Akan, Twi, Ewe
  • Major Relegions: Christianity 68.8%, Protestants 18.6%
  • Monetary Unit: Cedi
  • Independence: March 6, 1957 (from UK)
  • Government: Democratically elected President