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Ashante Sankofa Listed on TSX
  • Ghana Gold Exploration

Ashanti Sankofa Inc.

Ashanti Sankofa Inc. is a publicly traded Vancouver, British Columbia based exploration and development stage company. Ashanti Sankofa's approach to success is to evaluate and acquire promising gold exploration projects either directly from the government or through purchases/options with other companies/individuals. Ashanti Sankofa will assume the initial risks of mineral exploration and should a resource be outlined Ashanti Sankofa will look to a producing company for either a joint venture or outright sale.

Ashanti Sankofa Inc. Overview
Corporate Citizenship

The Company recognizes that community activities are an integral part of doing business on the African continent. We actively engage in dialogue and consultation with local communities.

Corporate Governance

Ashanti Sankofa Inc. recognizes the importance of sound corporate governance as established under Policy 3.1 of the TSX-Venture Corporate Manual and National Instrument 58-101.

Directors & Management

Ashanti Sankofa Inc. is a publicly traded Vancouver, with a highly experienced CEO and board of directors.